EPA Consultation on Article 27 By Product (Soil & Stone)

The EPA is currently consulting on a proposed Guidance on Soil and Stone By-products. 

Article 27 of the European Communities (Waste Directive) Regulations 2011 allows economic operators to decide that a substance or object produced by them is a by-product, and not a waste. It is necessary to clarify how and when soil and stone can be classified as by-product. Soil and stone is typically produced in excavations for construction.

The purpose of this guidance is to inform economic operators how to prevent waste soil and stone by classifying it as a by-product in accordance with the legislation and the EPA’s proposed regulatory approach to determinations on soil and stone by-products.

The consultation is a chance for stakeholders and individuals to input into this important process which can aid in promoting and ensuring that valuable suitable materials can be reused once conditions are met. 

Ensure you have your say by responding to the consultation before 14 December 2018.